Flanders & Trade Centre
Marc Schiltz
Current Trends and Opportunities in ICT Sector
Mr. Saw Ken Wye
Roles of Banks in Developing Economies
Mr. Leina Gabaraane
The Agri-business Sector: Trends and Opportunities
Mr. Joe Mazibuko
Role of Horticulture in Driving Agribusiness-Trends and Opportunities
Mr Zakayo Magara
Entrepreneurship and Wealth Creation CEDA
Mr Thabo Thamane
Unlocking the Opportunities in the Global Value Chain: Requirements & Incentives
Mr Csaba Kilian,
The Importance of Attracting Export Oriented Investments into Botswana and Targeting Strategic Growth Markets
Dr. Henry Loewendahl
Why Mexico Africa Botswana
Mr Carlos Sanchez Pavon
Doosan Botswana CSR
Counsellor Chung Seokjin
Doing Business with the Republic of Korea
Counsellor Chung Seokjin
Export Awareness Workshop
Mr Greg Blose